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Marinated pork, skewered and grilled over an open flame on our outdoor grill by our own expert grill masters. — $6.00


Sarma (Cabbage Rolls)

Tender cabbage leaves filled with a seasoned ground beef and rice mixture, slowly braised with sauerkraut, smoked meats in a rich tomato based sauce. — $6.00


Kobasica (Smoked Serbian Sausage)

Imported from Butte, Montana, the "Wild West" mining town. Butte was the home of 15,000 Serbian settlers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. — $6.00

Svinjsko pečenje

Spit-roasted pig, slowly grilled on our outdoor rotisserie — $12/lb



Grilled skinless sausages made with a mixture of ground beef and pork. — $6.00


Grilovano Povrće

Fresh summer local vegetables expertly seasoned and grilled over fiery coals. — $3.00



Deliciously seasoned Serbian style rice pilaf, with a Central Valley twist! — $3.00



A variety of cheeses and spinach, layered in buttery filo dough, baked until crisp and golden. — $4.00


Srpska Salata

A salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions, with traditional seasonings and dressing. — $3.00


After your meal stop by our famous bakery for home made strudels, tortes, roštule, kolaći and many other desserts from Eastern Europe.

Schedule of Activities

3:00 pm - Doors Open with Music by Orkestar Srma

4:00 pm - Dancers Perform

4:30 pm - Church Tour

5:00 pm - Vespers in Church- Public Invited

6:00 pm - Dancers Perform

6:30 pm - Church Tour

7:00 pm - Dancers Perform

7:30 pm - St. Peter Church Choir Concert - Public Invited (In the Church)

8:00 pm - Church Tour

10:45 pm - Reminder that additional parking immediately north of church will be locked at 11 pm


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